New Shooter - Safety Seminar

This class is available to gun stores, gun ranges, outdoor clubs and organizations, and religious groups and organizations.
The cost is $5.00 per person unless other arrangements are made.

New Shooter - Gun Safety Seminar The NRA New Shooter Seminar exposes new gun owners to the fundamentals of firearm safety. This 45-60 minute seminar is a great introduction to the important safety aspects of owning a firearm.
This Seminar will cover:
■ Gun Safety      ■ Gun Storage      ■ Types of Firearms and Their Parts   
■ Magazines       ■ Ammunition Sights     ■ What to Expect on the Range     
■  What You Need at the Range      ■  Cleaning Your Gun 

There are also discussions about firearm accessories, firearm services such as insurance and home security as well as other topics to assist you in ensuring your personal and home safety.